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CBR company conducts comprehensive market research, provides AdHoc market research services, offers syndicated research

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Stakeholder analysis, company reputation, employee motivation, study of experts, analysis of macroeconomic trends and the economy of individual industries, economic modeling and forecasting
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We offer ready research reports on specifics of the buying behavior of Ukrainians and research on the financial market
Study of financial behavior and perception of banks in different segments:
  • Three «Population» audiences (population in general – «Mass», active audience, which is the core of users of banking services – «Mass Active», audience with high income – «Mass Affluent»);
  • Two «Business» audiences (officially registered legal entities engaged in commercial activity and officially registered private entrepreneurs, who at the time of the study were engaged in entrepreneurship);
Study of specifics of using banking services:
  • Online banking (two audiences – «Population» and «Business»).
  • Credits and loans (audience «Population»).
  • Savings (audience «Population»).
  • Transactions (audience «Population»).
  • Short-term loans «payday» (audience «Population»).
Study of the specifics of buying behavior of Ukrainians on the Internet («Online Shopping»):
  • Behavior of online buyers (main categories of goods): which Internet sites do they know, on which they bought goods.
  • Reasons for buying online and on social media.
  • Behavior when choosing and buying goods.
  • Payment methods, barriers, and reasons for using payment cards to pay for online purchases.
  • Methods for shipping online purchases and what additional services you would like to receive during shipping.
  • Using mobile devices to search for information about goods and their purchase.
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