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Office:34 Lesi Ukrainky Blvd, office 603, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01133
Phone+380 67 364-84-01
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Do marketing research in Ukraine and the world with CBR
Markets we work with

of marketing research

CBR company works with the following markets
The survey of the main trends of the financial market, use of financial services, communication effectiveness, as well as loyalty and satisfaction of consumers of financial services, and much more.
We will help you succeed in current retail trade by studying the customer journey – from awareness of a need to making a purchase and the first user experience.
Consumer goods
These include food, clothing and footwear, household goods, pet goods, appliances and electronics, cars, products for children, etc. Get answers to the questions of what, how and why customers choose. We will help with a study of consumer behavior of various categories, products, and brands.
Market of services
We will assist in successful competition in the market for services with the help of research on such topics as understanding the consumers’ needs, the level of their trust in service providers, attitude towards a particular service.
More than 15 years of research experience for industrial companies: research of B2B customer’ needs, industry development, reputation, and brand.
There are about 50,000 agricultural farms in Ukraine. We help to understand farm needs and build effective communication.
Energy companies are transforming from commodity monopolists to service partners. Our research will help to succeed in these changes.
Get the right answers

Custom research

CBR implements AdHoc research and provides answers to key business questions.

Available market analytics

Syndicated studies

Optimal solution for obtaining answers to individual questions.
Key solutions

Analytics and consulting

Stakeholder analysis, company reputation, employee motivation, study of experts, analysis of macroeconomic trends and the economy of individual industries, economic modeling and forecasting.
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34 Lesi Ukrainky Blvd, office 603, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01133
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+380 67 364-84-01
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